Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spring Fling Scrapbook Retreat April 9-10 Crystal Inn, Logan

Come join us for more fun at my next scrapbook retreat!  This will be my last one until the fall so don't miss out!  Check out my previous posts (also look in the 2009 archive) to see all the fun we have been having at my other retreats.  Hope you can come to this one!

Spring Fling Scrapbook Retreat - April 9-10
Crystal Inn, Logan

$50.00 per person (4 in a room)
$65.00 per person (3 in a room)
$80.00 per person (2 in a room)

Includes room, gift when you arrive, hot dinner and hot breakfast, contests, prizes, raffle and lots of fun!

Email me at if you would like to come.  Or, you may call me at (435) 730-1797

Monday, February 8, 2010

Card Making Party February 4th

I had my first card making party!  It was fun to have the ladies over to socialize and make cards.  We also had fruit pizza for dessert.  Yumm, my favorite.  There were six different cards to choose from to make --  3 Valentine, 1 Mother's Day, 1 Wedding and 1 Birthday.  I do most of the preparation of getting the cards together so it doesn't take too long to make them.  My next card party will be March 18th.  I will keep you posted with the details!

Snowman Retreat January 2010

Brrr, it was cold outside, but we kept warm inside scrapbooking and making snowmen!  Aren't they adorable!  (Double click on the photo to get a good look at each one.  They are wonderful!)  At the last retreat we had a pumpkin decorating contest and this time we had a snowman contest.  Once again, the ladies impressed me by their creativity!  It was a tough and close contest, but the winner of the contest was the Birt table.  Good job ladies.

Got milk?!  Friday evening we enjoyed yummy cookies with some cold, cold milk.

Have you ever tried to whistle immediately after eating four crackers?  Well, this is what these ladies were trying to do.  The first one who whistled was yes, our very own Brigham City's 2009 Business Person of the Year, Donna McCrae, with Just Bee Scrap'n.  Hey, Donna, shall I forward this picture over to the Chamber!!  It was a lot of fun.  All the ladies were troopers and everyone received a prize who participated in the contest!

Our page layout contest winner was Trish.  Her layout wasn't the traditional whole picture on a page with embellishments.  She took her photos and cut them into tiny squares and then laid them out with about 1/8th of inch of space in between each square.  She then added a whole picture to complete the page.  It makes for a very unique and beautiful layout!

Once again we had our raffle!  Our grand prize winner this time was Jenny!  She was so excited to win the big basket of scrapbooking supplies.

We had some travelers again at this retreat.  These ladies were from the Saratoga Springs area -- almost two hours away.  What we will do and where we will travel to get some time away to scrapbook for two days!  Welcome ladies, I hope you enjoyed yourselves and enjoyed traveling through the beautiful Sardine Canyon! 

I want to thank my friend Julie for helping me out with the retreats.  Crunch time happens first thing in the morning while putting out all the goodies for the scrapbookers.  She has been a great help and good friend.  Julie and I have been scrapbooking together for a few years now!  We too love to get away for the weekend to scrapbook and enjoy all our new friends and fellow scrapbookers!

Christmas Boutiques

Last Christmas I participated in two Christmas boutiques.  One was in Garland and the other one was in Brigham City.  They were so much fun!  Along with the gift baskets I put together, I had a variety of other items for sale.  I made "Twilight" (movie) blocks which everyone (both young and old!) loved and had to have.  Both boutiques had great attendance.  It was a joy for me to watch everyone be in the spirit of Christmas and find that "just right gift" for someone special.  I will be participating in another boutique on April 30 and May 1st in Garland.  If you want to attend and see all the new fun gift baskets I will be putting together, give me a call!  (435) 730-1797