Thursday, January 30, 2014


I must say this was one of my most favorite retreats yet and my largest!  125 Hippie Chicks!!  I had so much fun putting everything together . . . including the fun posters and decorations.  So many of the ladies dressed up and that always makes it so fun for me.  I raffled off a scrapbook retreat for two, Cricut Expression, scrapbook rolling tote, Chevron blanket with a pad of Chevron paper, homemade peach jam, bottled peaches and a few other items.  After the big raffle was done, we combined all the tickets and I then raffled off about 40 scrapbook kits.  Thanks ladies for a really awesome and groovy time!!

My good friend Ramona was a huge help getting me set up
and take down.  Thanks Ramona!!

Jeanne is always there to make sure I have everything
taken care of!  She also donated an Autumn basket
for the raffle.

The Hippie Chicks!

Hippie Chicks on the Peace march!

Melanie burning the bra!!

Raffle winners!

Nevon won the Cricut Expression.  Way to go!!
She was so excited.

My husband brought me flowers at the reateat.
He is always so supportive.  He loves seeing
all the ladies having a good time!!