Thursday, October 28, 2010

Turkey Gobble Retreat - November 12-13 Logan

Gobble Gobble!!  Are you ready for some turkey scrapbooking fun!  Come to my next scrapbook retreat on November 12-13 at the Crystal Inn in Logan.  The fun will start at 10:00 am on Friday and end on Saturday at 5:00.  And, as always we will have fun with drawings, contests and lots of prizes.  This retreat will have an added meal.  I will be serving some turkey vittles for lunch on Saturday along with the hotel serving dinner on Friday and breakfast Saturday morning.  The cost is $50 per person for four in a room, $65 per person for three in a room and $80 per person for three in a room.  Hope you can come!!

Luau Retreat - Aloha!! So Fun!

We had lots of Hawaiian fun at my Luau retreat last weekend.  We started out with some beach music, added some Hawaiian sounds, a little limbo rumba and ended with doing the chicken dance the hokie pokie and swing dance!!  Some of the ladies volunteered for an activity and didn't know what they were getting into.  I had them dress up with leis, grass hats, funny glasses, flowered bras and green skirts and were asked to do the hoola for everyone and then do their best hoola hooping!  They each had their own fun and silly style!  Then a few ladies volunteered to do the limbo.  Go girls!  We ended the party with Hawaiian banana splits, group pictures with the Hawaiian outfits on and then went back to scrapbooking!  Throughout the retreat we had more fun games and contests!  One of which they had to make some halloween sounds.  We had the creeking door, the cratchity witch and the spooky ghost.

Creeky door sound!

Cratchity witch sound!

Spooky ghost sound!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Rough'n It Retreat - Mantua Oct 1-2

Rough'n It Lodge!!
Even though we didn't have a lot of ladies come to this retreat, we really had a good time.  We had lots of room to scrapbook.  I was able to spread all of my scrapbook items out and get organized.  I also put together scrapbook packets with pictures and embellishments so at my next retreat I will be ready to go with my layouts.  Jean and Deanna traveled all the way from American Fork to come rough'n it with me and my friends Julie and Janeece.  The food was great and we enjoyed our dessert by the campfire.  I posted a picture of the Girl's Home lodge.  Hopefully, maybe next year some of you may want to come to the next Rough'n It retreat!