Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nifty Fifties Retreat - Sock Hop Party!!

James Dean and Marilyn Monroe even
came to the party!!
Wow, what a party!!  We had such a great time.  Great friends and lots of great music!!  It was so fun watching everyone participate in all the activities we had going on.  I got so caught up in all the fun we were having that I almost forgot to serve the root beer floats!  Special thanks to all the ladies who took the time to put together their fifties outfits.  There were seven poodles skirts (personally sewn just for the retreat), three pink ladies jackets with a special emblem put on each one, a cute bouffont hair style and a fifties style outfit with tennies, pony tail, scarf and cat glasses!!  My friend Janeece provided us with lots of fun decorations.  (Pardon the walls behind the decorations!  The hotel was being remodeled.)  My friend Julie put together a CD of awesome 50's music.  We had a really fun time playing "Name that 50's Tune."

I also want to thank all the ladies who traveled some distance to come to my retreat.  We had ladies from three different states - Utah, Idaho and Wyoming.  One time I traveled four hours to go to a retreat.  We had one lady travel five hours to come to this one!!

I hope you enjoy all the pictures!!

Poodle Skirt Ladies
Fifties Ladies
Pink Ladies with Sandra Dee (Her name really is Sandra!!)
Bouffont Hair Lady

We also got the hula hoop out and had fun swinging our hips!! 
We even had a gal seven months pregnant hula hooping!!