Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Snowman Retreat Jan 29-30 Crystal Inn, Logan

Brrrr, it's cold outside and it is time to scrapbook again!  My next retreat will be in Logan at the Crystal Inn.  I hope you can come!

January 29-30 Crystal Inn, Logan
Friday 10am to Saturday 5pm
Dinner and breakfast served
Receive a gift upon arrival
Games, prizes, drawings & raffle

$50.00 per person for 4 in a room
$65.00 per person for 3 in a room
$80.00 per persom for 2 in a room

Call me at (435) 730-1797 or e-mail me at hurdbookkeeping@brigham.net if you would like to come!

Happy New Year!!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas!  The new year is coming upon us quickly and it is time to make some new year's resolutions.  I don't normally make new year's resolutions (other than eat better and work out more), but this year I am making a resolution to scrapbook once a week for the whole day!  As we all know, if we don't make time, it doesn't get done.  We'll see if I am able to keep this resolution.  I will keep you posted!!

I also wanted to post what happened with my "Twilight Retreat."  Well, I had to cancel it.  The Huntsville-Eden area had its electricity turned off for most of the day on Saturday due to some electrical rewiring.  Also, the canyon from Ogden into the valley was closed for most of the day.  I thought without heat and electricity I wasn't sure how comfortable everyone would be, so I canceled it.  Everyone was very understanding of the situation.  I still went and took my daughters and husband.  We enjoyed the beautiful home and ate cold cereal for breakfast.  The lighting wasn't too bad because the home had very large windows throughout which made scrapbooking not too bad.  I was very disappointed because I found this perfect place to have a scrapbook party.  Maybe I will have to try again next June when the next "Twilight" movie comes out!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Twilight - New Moon Retreat Nov 20-21 Huntsville, Utah

Are you ready to join me for some more scrapbooking fun!  I thought what a great opportunity to celebrate the next Twilight saga movie!  The location for the my next retreat will be in Huntsville, Utah.  I rented a beautiful log home with plenty of room for scrapbooking and lots of light.  We will be scrapbooking all day Friday and Saturday and then going to the New Moon movie Saturday evening in Ogden at the Newgate Mall.  Friday evening we will have a New Moon party with some fun activities and make a Twilight craft.  The cost is $75.00, which includes the movie ticket.  I will be serving dinner and breakfast and we will have a potluck Saturday afternoon.  I will also have Twilight - New Moon shirts available to order too!  Let me know if you are ready for another fun scrapbook retreat!

Spooktacular Retreat Oct 23-24

We had lots of halloween fun going on at this retreat!  Along with playing the witches hat game, we had a pumpkin decorating contest.  As a group, each table decorated one pumpkin.  I provided a few items for everyone to use along with anything else they wanted to add.  It was so much fun watching everyone get so creative!  We had Lady Witch, Mr. Mummy, Just Bee Spook'n and Penelope the Pumpkin.  Mr. Mummy won the contest!  The other table decided not to decorate a pumpkin and help judge.  We also had another raffle with two grand prize scrapbooking baskets.  And, yes, my friend Janeen won the grand prize again!  If anyone needs any luck rubbed off from her onto you, just let me know and I will get you in touch with her!  Congratulations to Pam for winning the other basket! 

I also wanted to thank my friend Donna at Just Bee Scrap'n.  She donated all the items in the scrapbook baskets that were raffled off.  She and her worker bees (staff) also helped very much in letting fellow scrapbookers know about my retreats.  Donna's store is on Main Street in Brigham City and she always has creative things going on!  I also want to thank my friend Jean.  She works with Pampered Chef and she too has donated items for our raffles.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Scraptastic Retreat! Oct 9-10 Crystal Inn

My first overnight retreat was scraptastic!  (That is what one of the ladies wrote on her check!)  We had a full house and everyone was so nice and fun to scrapbook with.  I met some really nice ladies.
Our dinner was catered by Bert's Cafe in Brigham City and it was delicious.  Thanks Cathy!  We had lots of prizes and fun contests.  We even had a bubble blowing contest!  We raffled off items donated by Just Bee Scrap'n and Jean Bywater with Pamper Chef.  I provided a few fun items along with the grand prize.  The grand prize was a basket of scrapbooking supplies.  My friend Janeen won the grand prize!  Way to go Janeen! (She had already taken some of the prizes out of the basket before I took the picture.)  I do think, however, she must be rigging the tickets because she also won the grand prize at another scrapbook fundraiser we were at! 
Well, because this retreat filled up so fast, I planned another retreat for October 23-24 at the Crystal Inn in Logan.  We plan on having just as much fun!  We are going to have some spooky things going on.  Hope you can make it!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Scrapbook Retreat Oct 23-24

Crystal Inn, Logan
Oct 23 - 10 am to Oct - 24 5 pm
Dinner, breakfast, gift, prizes & lots of fun
$45.00 per person - four in a room

Monday, September 28, 2009

Creating my Blog!

Well, I finally created a blog and I have had so much fun designing it! I am so behind the times! My children are telling me I should be on facebook instead of making a blog. Maybe one day I will get there too!  I hope you stay in touch with me. I will be posting my retreat dates along with some fun other information.