Thursday, February 16, 2012


We are going to celebrate everyone's birthday at my
next scrapbook retreat!! So, come join the fun and get
lots of scrapbooking done. 

Happy Birthday Retreat
Red Moose Lodge, Eden (Ogden Valley)
April 13-14 (full - sorry!)
April 20-21

Everyone will receive a birthday gift, meals and prizes!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Get More Scrapbooking Done!!

More scrapbooking is what we did at my New Year's Retreat!!  And, we did it with scrapbooking cheer!!  With the help of my two friends, Julie and Lisa, everything went great!

New location, new ladies and an inhouse store to boot! I had 90 ladies come to this retreat and it was so fun. This is the largest retreat I have had!  I will admit it, I was a bit nervous but everything went wonderfully! The Comfort Suites staff was great to work with and very accommodating with our needs. I met so many nice and fun ladies. I had lots of my regular ladies come too! 

The Scrapbook Clearance Outlet provided us with lots of scrapbooking supplies and some unbeatable bargains! At the end of the retreat they were having deals we couldn't pass up. I had a few ladies tell me they had fun just shopping at the retreat! Dora and Cheryl did a great job and had a cute set up with all of their supplies.
Scrapbook Clearance Outlet
Woods Cross, Utah
The Scrapbook Clearance Outlet
also gave away lots of prizes
including a Slice machine!

Some of the ladies were in
masquerade for the New Year's

Notice the big screen. It comes with
the computer attached.  It was nice!

Wow!  Look at all that ribbon!

Tracy is on the left.  She owns
Annie Oaks Outdoor Adventures and
welcomes everyone to join her on
some fun adventures!  Holy Scrap!
You will have so much fun!

We had a whole table of
digital scrapbookers!

After the New Year's countdown, we had all the ladies in masquerade doing the Can Can!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!  Get your calendars out ladies, I will be doing it again next January 25-26, 2013 at the same location.  This retreat will be a Girly Girl Retreat!! 
So come for some new fun!