Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pictures of the Holiday Home Show

The barn was just a glimmer
in the artists' eye!
We had a wonderful time having our barn house in the Holiday Home show!  Everyone enjoyed the amazing work of the conversion from a real barn to a beautiful barn house.  Gary and Becky Baron are the creative artists who converted the barn 15 years ago.  I invited both of them to come to the home show to visit and to take the honor of building the "master piece."  They also brought over their "before and during construction" pictures for everyone to see.

We had about 200-300 people come through the home.  Everyone enjoyed all the fun Christmas decorations and the antiques throughout the home.  Some also enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate.  It was such a pleasure seeing everyone having such a nice time and "oohing and awhing" throughout the home.  There were even some "oohing" as they stepped into the shed outback that was converted into my scrapbook workshop.  It too is filled with antiques and decorated to make you feel at home. 

I hope you enjoy the "before and during construction" photos of the home. It is quite amazing!  You will see more pictures of inside the home if you keep scrolling down to the previous post.  You may also want to "click" on the pictures to see them in a larger view.

The south end of the barn.

Radiant heat added for comfort!

Gary and Becky with the home hosts,
Cathy and Janet and Becky's sister Tamra.

Good friends!

Brad cooking up some hot chocolate
and Nicole reminiscing with her first
grade teacher Mrs. Cook and her mom!

Resting with friends enjoying
pictures of the barn before the construction!

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