Thursday, February 20, 2014


Some of you may know March Madness as the month of the annual college basketball tournament which is aired on television.

Well, at the Red Rooster Scrapbook Barn "Gathering Place" we are going to have our own March Madness Scrapbooking tournament!!  Every Friday and Saturday for the whole month of March we are going to be scrapbooking.  

Here are the game rules and the tournament schedule!

Tickets are $5.00 for each game (day of scrapbooking) at the "Gathering Place" at 555 Brigham City.  Start time is 
10 am - end time is 12 am (midnight).  Games are held every Friday and Saturday through the month of March.

With each game ticket you will receive a
 drink, snack and a prize!

At every game you attend, you will be entered into a tournament drawing for grand prizes including a scrapbook retreat.  And, whoever attends the most games will receive an extra grand prize!!  The grand prizes will be given away at the end of the tournament on March 29th.  

March 1, 7, 8,14,21,22,28, 29 are the game days held at the Red Rooster Scrapbook Barn "Gathering Place."

On March 15th, the game will be held at SEI Scrapbook Outlet Store in Logan.  This game will cost $30 and includes a welcome gift, lunch and prizes.  If you attend this game, you will be entered into the tournament grand prize drawing three extra times!!!

And, on March 29th some of us may opt to go to the Scrapbook Expo USA as a group in the morning and then come back and scrapbook at the "Gathering Place."

So ladies, grab your (or someone's you know) sports jersy (doesn't have to be basketball and I have extras if you don't have one) and let's scrapbook!!

Please call or email me to reserve your spots!!  
I only have 10 spots per game.  
Go team Red Rooster!!

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