Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Liberty Falls
After spending the first part of my spring/summer working in the yard, we then went on a two week trip to Alaska.  My husband and I went with my good friend Julie and her husband.  We stayed with Julie's sister and her husband some of the time and traveled most of the other time.  We had so much fun.  Alaska is so beautiful.  Everything is green and wet.  There are so many rivers, lakes, waterfalls, mountains and trees.  I hope you enjoy some of my pictures!! 

Thunderbird Falls

Mt. McKinley in Denali Park
(It looks like a cloud!)


Independence Mine

Halibut Fishing

Float Plane flight - It was so beautiful
seeing everything from above!

Cute little otters!

Lots of whale watching.

Notice the open mouths of the whales!

Momma bear and her cubs in Denali Park.

Another Momma bear and her cubs. 
We saw three different sets bears.

Fox in Denali Park
An eagle with a fish.  This is one of
my favorite pictures.

Moose in Denali Park
Fishing the Kenai River at a friend's cabin.
Those antlers are heavy!!

Rafting the Kenai River.  Julie's sister and husband
has two rafts.  It river was so beautiful!

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