Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Progressive Dinner Garden Party!

Great Friends!
 I wanted to share some pictures with you of my Progressive Dinner Garden Party! "Hmmm," the gals thought as they received my invitation! "Are we going to other homes too?" Well, actually the progressive dinner was in my yard. A little corny I know! We had appetizers, salad, dinner and dessert in four different areas of my yard. The appetizer was served at the Flower Path, the salad was served at the Doors to a Garden, dinner was served at the Sand Patio and dessert was served at Frog Haven Fire Pit. We had so much fun! I have been working so hard in my yard since early May that I wanted to share it with some of my best friends! My daughter Nicole and her good friend Karlie helped with serving all of us. We also had a professional calligrapher attend also. DeeAnn scripted all of our names (in the dark with flash lights) on a piece of black paper. They all were written so beautifully!

Flower Path

Appetizers First!

Doors to a Garden

Sand Patio

DeeAnn the Calligrapher! 

Frog Haven Fire Pit

I love my antique "drill" I got from my good neighbors!

I just have to grow grass now!

My tool shed!  I love it and it is so convenient.

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