Monday, August 29, 2011

Had a Rough'n It Good Time!!

My Rough'n It Retreat was full of lots of good company, food, prizes, and of course, scrapbooking.  Everyone loved the location and thought it was beautiful.  We all brought our mattresses, pads, cots or foam and slept either inside or outside (upstairs) on the deck.  We had "smores by the oven!" (We all decided we wanted to stay inside and have smores instead of going outside by the fire.  You know, there has been bear sitings recently!!)  We also had a watermelon eating contest and a water balloon toss contest.  Everyone was a trooper and endured my fun games either by watching or participating!  And, as with all my other fun activities I have at my retreats, everyone always gets a prize for just participating with more prizes for the winners!

I am already planning my Rough'n It Retreat for next summer.  It will be a two nighter, so watch for the date!

The "smores by the oven" were delicious! 
We first melted the chocolate which made them very creamy!

Waking up outside to the fresh air was so nice!
These beds look as comfortable as mine at home.
Who says this was a rough'n it retreat!!!

The beautiful morning sky.

Enjoying meals outside on the deck.

They didn't know they were going to eat
their watermelon blindfolded!
Anita was the winner!

Water balloon contest winner. 
Notice their wet shirts and pants!!
It was hot outside so I am sure it felt refreshing!!

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