Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sacramento Scrapbook Expo - So Much Fun!!

Last weekend I attended the Sacramento Scrapbook Expo and had a great time!  I met my sister-in-law there and we scrapbooked for three days and did lots and lots of shopping.  The products sold were wonderful and they had great make-n-takes.  I also visited with my sisters and nephew and his family.  They all live in the Sacramento area so I took the opportunity to visit with them and have a fun weekend scrapbooking.

During two of our crop days, the Expo had a different theme on each day. The second day we cropped they had a western theme and the third day was a 20's theme. If you have ever been to one of my retreats, you know I always have a different theme at my retreats. So, I wanted to participate in the Expo's theme too. During the crops they had lots of drawings and contests with prizes. On the western night they asked for anyone who could make an animal sound. I made a sound of a horse!! The winners were an elephant and a monkey. It was pretty funny.

My western hat says "Scrapbooking makes me HAPPY."
Betty had on this really cute western apron.
She also helps with the crops.  She is from Idaho and Salt Lake City.
These ladies were having fun!

Something must of been really funny!

Crop time!
The make-n-takes were great.  I made four different ones!

I love bling!!
My sisters Terry and Janet.
My nephew Timmy, Miranda and sweet Bella!

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